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Université Grenoble Alpes
Arts du spectacle

Clizia Centorrino received a Ph.D. in Cinema studies from the University Grenoble Alpes (thesis title: The real and beyond in Alain Resnais and Federico Fellini: from origins to the years of the dream), where, since September 2016, she has been a teaching and research assistant in History and Aesthetics of Cinema, Scenography of Cinema, Music and Cinema. Italian cinema, cinema and literature, cinema and psychoanalysis (in particular the representation of dream), film aesthetics are the different fields of her research. Her more recent academic publications are dedicated to the oneiric language in Fellini’s La voce della luna of Fellini and Robbe-Grillet’s Gradiva (The Dream-Image in Gradiva's Gait from Pompeii to Marrakesh, Fictional Artworks, Literary Ékphrasis and the Invention of Images, Mimesis International, 59-74, 2016). She recently published the article I sogni cinematografici di Jean-Paul Sartre (Cinergie, 12, 181-190, 2017, ) and Le cose belle: On the Aesthetics of Becoming in Documentary Films (L'avventura International Journal of Italian Film and Media Landscapes, 2018, 225-241). For two years, she was president of “Dolce cinema”, a cultural cinematographic association which organizes the festival Les Rencontres du cinéma italien à Grenoble et en Isère. She was invited to create a section for cinema in the Torino Fringe Festival 2019, especially dedicated to analogic performances in 16mm et super 8 mm.

storia del cinema, estetica del cinema, cinema e psicoanalisi, cinema sperimentale, film festival studies

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