Geosemiotica: dai locative media, alle immagini diffuse, ai big e small data / Geosemiotics: from locative media to diffused images, big and small data

Ocula. Occhio semiotico sui media
N. 20, dicembre 2019 – a cura di Federico Montanari, Nicola Dusi e Guido Ferraro


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The present issue of Ocula, edited by Federico Montanari, Nicola Dusi and Guido Ferraro, intends to investigate a new and yet topical issue, one which is in constant transformation: the vast field of locative media and their intertwining with data and their definition. The diverse approaches have moved from semiotics to socio-semiotics and contemporary media studies. Such a multifarious approach to the issue at hand has been largely due to the fact that the booming of l, ocative media has taken place thanks to the widespread use of technological instruments (i.e., smartphones, tablets, wearable devices and so on) that have allowed for the crossing of social media, territorial locationing and geo-localized information as well as the shared ability to make instant use of the very sources of all types of images, including territorial maps.

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