Transitions: Moving Images and Bodies

The NECS 2020 Conference
Hosted by Università degli Studi di Palermo
Palermo, 18-20 June 2020
POSTPONED 16-18 June 2021


Redazione CUC2Written by:

The NECS 2021 Conference aims to explore connections between media and a series of developments within our current era that can be grouped under the term “transitions.” In order to explore this connection, we can perhaps begin from the most general meaning of “medium” as a form and instrument for the expression of a mediation, i.e. a shift, a motion and therefore also a “transit.” According to Bolter and Grusin’s famous idea of “remediation,” every kind of media can be considered in a certain sense as a form of “remediation,” a translation between new and old media. This is the general framework in which the conference is conceived, considering media as instruments of different kinds of transition.

The NECS 2021 conference aims to embrace the idea of transit – in the broad sense that we have described above – as a privileged keyword for interpreting contemporary audiovisual media. The relations and overlapping demonstrated by phenomena of different orders represent an occasion and starting point for a detailed reflection that touches on different but contiguous approaches to audiovisual media: gender studies, post-colonial studies, global studies, translation theory and, of course, sound, cinema and media studies.

The NECS 2021 conference call seeks presentations not only on technological devices for communication systems, but also on bodies, languages and images that run across and overlap within our contemporary world. In this context, we imagine the conference and its confrontations as enabling a space for an act of transversing (a ‘transit’ in itself), in which borders between objects and disciplinary zones can be usefully redrawn.


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