Avanca Cinema 2020

International Conference Cinema – Art, Technology, Communication
Avanca, 22-26 July 2020


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In July 2020 AVANCA | CINEMA Conference celebrates its 11th edition confirming that this is one of the leading conferences in the field of cinema. Researchers are invited to participate in this edition of the conference in AVANCA where the scientific community members, who dedicate their studies to cinema and its relationship with art, communication and technology, can find a space for diffusion, debate and sharing of their work.

Year by year the double-blind review has been ensuring the quality of the works offered in the Conference program and this is a meeting point for all those who dedicate themselves to the cinema.

The vast and diverse program represents one of the strongest points of this event organization. The participants can choose between film screenings, workshops, book releases, round tables, and plenary and parallel sessions. During these five days cinema is everywhere and it is difficult to select different activities.

The singularity of its conjunction with the Avanca Film Festival renders it a unique experience for all those who participate in this movie summer party. New projects, new approaches, and the magic of cinema will inspire everyone!

The conference has four official languages: Portuguese, English, Spanish and French.

The abstracts submission must follow these parameters:

– Between 100 and 250 words in English;

– Title in one of the four official languages and in English;

– 5 key-words in English.

and should be made until 15 December 2019 through the entry form available here.

Call for Papers


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