Eisenstein International Network

First annual conference organized by Ada Ackerman and Antonio Somaini
INHA, salle Vasari / Centre Pompidou-Metz
Paris, 14-16 October 2019


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The Eisenstein International Network (EIN) was founded in November 2018. The EIN aims to create a dynamic, international community of scholars, students, filmmakers, critics, and artists interested in sharing information, archival materials, translations, teaching materials, creative responses to, and studies of all topics connected to the work of Sergei M. Eisenstein — a spherical book. The EIN annual conference provides a forum to share our research about Eisenstein and all Eisenstein-related topics. The EIN First Annual Conference will take place in Paris, on October 14-16, 2019 and will be coordinated with the exhibition at Pompidou Centre-Metz “The Ecstatic Eye: Sergei Eisenstein at the Crossroads of the Arts” curated by Ada Ackerman. The conference will address any aspect of current Eisenstein studies, in order to map the state of the art about Eisenstein. Our approach especially welcome proposals on topics that include but are not limited to: films, texts, drawings; archives, publications, translations; comparisons and intersections with other filmmakers, writers, artists, thinkers, psychologists, scientists; actors, actresses, acting, cinematographers, cinematography, editors, editing; institutions and movements.

Coordinating committee: Ada Ackerman, Anna Luise Kiss, Naum Kleiman, Joan Neuberger, Antonio Somaini, Yuri Tsivian, Julia Vassilieva, Michael Wedel.



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