SCSMI 2020 Conference

The 2020 SCSMI annual conference
Calvin University
17-20 June 2020


Redazione CUCWritten by:

SCSMI 2020 was scheduled to take place in Grand Rapids, Michigan. When the conference needed to be cancelled, due to the coronavirus crisis, the host invited scholars whose work had already been accepted for the conference to present and discuss their work online, instead. Some (not all) agreed to take part. Like many “socially distanced” gatherings, the result is an experiment and an adventure.

The online conference will take place on the same dates as the originally scheduled conference. “Live” online discussions were scheduled to accommodate the greatest number of SCSMI members possible (from western Europe to the western US). For others, we will post recordings of the discussions soon after the conference ends. Links to papers and presentations, live discussions, and recordings of discussion will all be included in a PDF of the program, which will be sent to SCSMI members and those on the SCSMI listserv.



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