iGen Cnema. Moving Image Consumption and Production by Post-Millennials

Comunicazioni Sociali. Journal of Media, Performing arts and Cultural studies
no. 2/2018 – edited by Mariagrazia Fanchi, Alexandra Schneider and Wanda Strauven


Redazione CUCWritten by:

In comparison with the generation of the so-called Millennials, born roughly between 1980 and 2000, the Post-Millennials could be said to be the first “true” digital natives of human history, since they are exposed to computers, electronic tablets and smartphones from the very first days of their lives. Today’s children are submerged in a continuous flow of digital moving image consumption. From an early age, they make video calls via Skype with distant relatives. They watch clips on YouTube before they can walk and talk. They are making their own cinema, both as improvised film programmers and as amateur filmmakers, often before their first theatrical film experience takes place. Touchscreen tech-savvy toddlers explore rather intuitively all kinds of apps and functions of smartphones and tablets, not because they are more genius than their parents, but just because they grow up with these devices and learn the digital (mostly touchscreen-based) language often well before they know how to write and read in their own mother tongue or, more generally, before they go to elementary school. This special issue aims at analyzing Post-Millennials’ cinema experiences and practices.

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