Industrious Images. Industrial Film and Photography and Italian Visual Culture: Interface, Event, Archive (1945-1963)

Immagine. Note di storia del cinema
n. 19 – Edited by Federico Pierotti and Francesco Pitassio
Deadline: 1 October 2018


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Within film and media studies and visual culture studies, an interest in industrial film and photography is quite recent. Usually, this kind of production was conceived as nothing more than utilitarian and accordingly neglected, but for a few exceptions, w renowned artistic personality was responsible for them. However, film authorship is not the most effective tool for dealing with this wide corpus of films and photo stills, as recent surveys conducted in Europe and the U.S. prove. The exploration of Italian film and photo production is an endeavour still to be fully undertaken. This special issue aims at collecting contributions focused on this production from the aftermath of WW2 to the economic boom, when industrial and sponsored film and photography burgeoned.

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