Television Serials in Asia

Series. International Journal of TV Series Narratives
vol. 5, n. 2
Deadline: 2 July 2018


Redazione CUCWritten by:

This themed issue of Series aims to contribute to the study of television serials produced in the Asian region and make them more widely known. The television serial is a prominent expression of popular culture across Asia, especially in China, Hong Kong, Japan, South Korea and Taiwan, but has not been extensively studied. While we would welcome a range of approaches, we are particularly interested in perspectives that emphasize our cognitive, emotional, and aesthetic engagement with the form. One focus may be on the analysis of specific narrative and stylistic features of the television serial. How do the multiple elements of television programs interact and contribute to seriality? For instance, how do performance or sound design help shape seriality? We are also interested in explorations of the particular aesthetic effects and achievements of Asian television serials. We welcome close analyses, case studies, or broader theoretical discussions grounded in close attention to the form and style of Asian television serials.

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