Decolonizing the gaze. Reviving the anti-colonial archives

2nd International School of Filmic and Visual Sociology
Visual Sociology Lab (Università degli Studi di Genova) / Global Emergent Media Lab (Concordia University)
Genova, 11-15 June 2018


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“Decolonizing the gaze. Reviving the Anti-Colonial Archives: 1965-2018” is a series of workshops, talks and exhibitions taking place over five days at the Università di Genova, in Genoa, Italy, in collaboration with the Global Emergent Media Lab (Concordia University, Montreal), that will bring together a group of scholars, artists, and students, to assess the legacy of neocolonialism, dislocation, migration, and the form that solidarity can take place across national borders and continents; and more generally, problematics generated by the uneven geography of contemporary globalization, and their genealogies in the recent struggles towards decolonization.

The Summer School will take place from Monday, June 11, to Friday June, 15 2018 and will be structured through a series of talks and workshops run by faculty of the Laboratorio di sociologia visuale of the Università di Genova, the members of Concordia University, and a series of guests from Italian and European institutions as part of a larger project towards a (re)creation of an anti-colonial archive.

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