Body Images in The Post-Cinematic Scenario. The Digitization of Bodies

edited by Alberto Brodesco and Federico Giordano
Mimesis International, Milano-Udine 2018


Redazione CUCWritten by:

What is the status of body in the realm of digital media? This volume studies how our perception of body has been modified by new media (videogames, transmedia platforms, ARGs), new narratives (science-fictions, TV series) and new devices (wearable technologies, Virtual Reality, cosmetic surgery). Which body images and identities do emerge? Within the ‘Post-Cinematic’ or ‘Post-Media’ condition, the body becomes a changeable, flexible ‘unstable object’. The first part of this book analyses the presence of body in television/film productions and in social media (changes, aesthetics, new spaces); the second part focuses on the relationship between the digital media and the viewer/user, showing how his/her body is subject to shape modification.

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