The “-tainment” Effect. Cultures and Logics of Entertainment Across Audiovisual and Digital Media

Media Mutations 10. International conference organized by Luca Barra and Paola Brembilla in collaboration with Liz Evans
Università di Bologna
Bologna, 21-22 May 2018


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Mediamutations 10 – 21/5

Mediamutations 10 – 22/5

Entertainment cultures seem to be spreading widely across contemporary media, from press to fashion, from music to television, from videogames to politics, from sports to museums. Audiovisual and digital media ease the connection between entertainment and a wide range of realms in everyday life (information, politics, education, emotions, and many others), both at a global and local level; yet processes of hybridization and narrativization permeate and transform their logics, strategies and imageries through forms of performance, amusement and divertissement. This is not a new phenomenon, but the result of a long history of interwoven developments and connections. Simultaneously, the strength and depth of this transformation has increased dramatically, if not multiplied, in recent decades. After having been long accused of corrupting the masses, or dismissed as minor and banal, the cultures and practices of entertainment are now widely studied and thoroughly researched, with interdisciplinary approaches accounting for their complex and mixed nature.

The conference The “-tainment” Effect. Cultures and Logics of Entertainment Across Audiovisual and Digital Media aims to expand the academic knowledge of this fundamental trend, establish new trans-medial and multidisciplinary research perspectives in the field, and strengthen the understanding about how entertainment has shaped (and is still shaping) media sectors, how it is defined, produced and perceived, and with what outcomes.


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